Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital signature?

It is a mathematical scheme that serves to prove the authenticity of a digital message or electronic document. digital signature gives the reciever the security that the message was created by the sender and was not altered during transmission, if performed with a certificate from the PSC Procert, it gives the document the same legal validity as a signature handwritten.

What technical warranty offers digital signature?

After a document is signed electronically it can detect any manipulation of the document, as the electronic signature is linked to both the document and the signer. In case of manipulation of the document to be signed later, signing the document is altered, negating the validity of the document content.

What legal warranty offers digital signature?

The activities developed by the PSC PROCERT in the area of electronic certification are regulated by the Decree Law on Data Messages and Electronic Signatures # 1181 dated 17/01/01, which envisages the creation of the Certification Service Providers (PSC). In addition to monitoring by the Venezuelan State exerted by the Superintendence of Electronic Certification Services (SUSCERTE) organism integrated to the organic structure of the Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

What is the use of a digital signature?

You can digitally sign a document for the same reasons that can sign a paper document. A digital signature is used to authenticate digital information, including documents and emails using digital cryptography. Digital signatures help establish the following guarantees:
  • Authentication: Authentication is the process of attempting to verify the digital identity of the sender of a communication as a request to connect. The digital signature helps ensure that the signer is who he claims to be.
  • Integrity: The digital signature helps ensure that the content has not been changed or altered with since it was digitally signed.
  • Non-repudiation: The user can not deny authorship of signature or transaction as only he manages his private key.
  • Where can in use electronic signatures?

    Electronic signatures can be used in proceedings before government, education, insurance and encrypted mail, human resources, payments, payroll, electronic procurement processes, procurement processes and other electronic or online, counting all with legal evidence in courts the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

    What is an electronic certificate?

    An electronic certificate is a digital document by which a trusted third party (an Authority Certification in this case PROCERT) ensures the link between the identity of an individual or entity and its public key.

    What data contains a electronic certificate?

  • The identity of the user data either legal or natural.
  • The user's public key.
  • The data specific to the certificate: issue date, expiration date, unique serial number, certificate applications, among others.
  • Information that certificates Provider (PSC) has issued the certificate.
  • PSC signature.
  • How do I obtain an electronic certificate?

    To obtain a certificate go to the following link: (Purchase) and follow the steps there ruled.

    How much does the certificate?

    Depending on the type of certificate prices are different, enter to following link: (Pricing) for reference.

    After my certificate get stored can I move it to another location?

    No, regularization of the Law on Data Messages and Electronic Signatures, the certificates are not exportable, therefore then generated can not be exported to other devices.

    What is a token?

    A token is a hardware-based cryptographic device that stores and protects cryptographic keys, this device has a USB interface that provides the user portability and mobility..

    Is it the same a token to a pendrive?

    No, a pendrive can store more data, but does not have the storage capacity of cryptographic keys, unlike a token that is designed exclusively for that purpose.

    The cost of the certificate includes the token?

    No, the token value is not included in the value of the certificate.